Learn how to master the art of Sweep-Tapping in this up-close and personal in-depth video lesson pack! Learn 15 of Jacky's go-to sweep tapping phrases and connect them together across the fretboard to create your own epic phrases!


BONUS: Minor arpeggio fretboard mapping lesson & Tabs included.


Sweep Tapping Mechanics Video Pack Contains;

• In-depth video lesson. 

• 15 awesome sweep-tapping phrases, taught note for note by Jacky.

• Fretboard minor arpeggio mapping.

• Guitar Pro and PDF guitar tabs, 100% accurate. 

• Epic 10 minute Mp3 backing track 

• MP3 of shred phrases up to speed.


Sweep Tapping Mechanics Video Pack Can Improve;

• Technique 

• Fretboard Knowledge

• Shred Improvisation

• Shred Vocabulary

• Solo Writing 


View the TRAILER here! 

(Files come in zip folder and need to be opened on a computer. Full size 850MB Approx). 

Sweep Tapping Mechanics Video Pack


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