No picking allowed! The ultimate left hand work out (or right hand for some of you)! Lethal Legato is designed to give you insane control with your fretting hand. The phrases and fretboard mapping work out give you a roadmap of the fretboard so you can create your own outrageous legato shred runs all across the neck and add them to your own improvisation! 


Lethal Legato Video Pack Contains;

• 57 minute in-depth video lesson

• Up close and personal look at Jacky's legato technique and practice methods

• Fretboard Mapping & legato work out

• 15 Extreme legato phrases to learn, taught to you note for note by Jacky

• Guitar Pro & PDF tablature files, 100% accurate

• 10 Minute epic MP3 backing track

• MP3 of shred phrases and legato work out to play along to!


Lethal Legato Video Pack Can Improve;

• Legato technique

• Fretting hand control

• Fretboard Knolwedge

• Shred vocabulary and shred improvisation

• Combining shred runs to create rapid speed note flurries

• Solo writing

• Practice methods


(Lethal Legato comes via zip folder and must be downloaded on a computer). 


Check out the trailer here! 

Lethal Legato Video Pack


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